Wayne Goldner, MD

Where I Stand


There should be readily available comprehensive and affordable healthcare for all citizens without barriers or unreasonable financial burdens, protection from pre-existing conditions and preservation of Medicare and Medicaid. Medicaid expansion and support of the market place in the ACA is essential.


We need a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that includes prevention with early identification of those at risk, education, access to treatment including new facilities and funding for recovery efforts. Funding from local state and national sources must be obtained.


Public K through 12 education must be sufficiently and fairly funded to be capable of preparing our children for the changing economies of the world. School vouchers i.e. recently passed SB 193 are not the answer and dilute public education. State and community colleges and technical schools must be affordable and readily available to all qualified students. It is essential that student debt be reduced, and greater funding be obtained.


All citizens deserve to be safe at home, in school and in public. There needs to be common sense gun safety laws including universal background checks, waiting period and removing guns from at risk individuals. Funding and training of law enforcement, gun education and locking of guns is also necessary.


I believe the government must first decide on the needs of the state then establish a reasonable budget. Funding of the budget must be fair. Unnecessary tax cuts on businesses is not just. Utilizing Federal, state and local resources we should be able to fund all our needs without undue burden to any segment of the population. STEAM education is essential as well as an increased minimum wage and enhanced benefits so that we prepare a work force for our companies and create jobs and workers for the 21st century. No person working full time should live in poverty.


Personal privacy and freedom of choice, including reproductive rights, birth control, access to abortion and sexual preference without governmental, religious and societal interference. Treating all people equally under the law and in society regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual preference or national origin. Open and free elections where all citizens have the right to vote without prejudice or voter suppression.


The Federal government is presently attacking an already fragile earth. In our state we must make sure our water is safe to drink and there should be stiff penalties for any company that is at fault for the contamination. Protecting the environment using a multidisciplinary approach including clean energy, reduction of pollutants and toxins, more stringent standards, modern and efficient infrastructure and ultimately saving our world so future generations will thrive.