Wayne Goldner, MD




In 1982 I moved to New Hampshire and joined Robert Lord MD in practice who was instrumental in establishing Manchester Family Planning which became Planned Parenthood of Manchester (PPH). I was the medical director of Family Planning and volunteered there on Monday nights seeing their difficult cases, Manchester Obstetrical Associates also was the medical backup for PPH for many years. Dr. Lord was also one of the first abortion providers in the state and I joined him in providing abortions for our patients. During my years in practice I became one of the last private abortion providers in the state and was one of the first physicians offering gay couples artificial insemination.
I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I went to Madison High School and Brooklyn College. To support myself I was a busboy, AFLCIO union waiter and a roofer. In 1974 I started Medical School at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. In addition to studying I joined a group working for women’s and reproductive rights. In 1978 I began a residency program in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA. During my time there I worked at an STD and birth control clinic at UMASS Amherst and taught inner city students about STD’s and sex education.


​In the 1990’s Elliot Hospital and CMC merged and imposed the Catholic Church’s “Ethical and Religious Directives” on the Elliot nullifying the Elliot’s non-sectarian policy and severely limiting reproductive rights and abortion access among other rights. With a group of local residents and with the help of national organizations we succeeded in the first successful demerger of a Catholic Non-Catholic hospital. This became a national story and subsequently I appeared on 60 Minutes, the O’Reilly Factor and the documentary “Live Free or Die” was made about my work on the health curriculum and the demerger. During all of this my home was picketed and my children were harassed at school, but my family voted to persist. The documentary showed on Point of View on PBS and won the Human Rights Watch international film award. I was awarded the NH ACLU Bill of Rights Award as well.


After an unfortunate alcohol related driving accident my youngest child Jason was killed at age 19. Since that time each spring I talk at area high schools about the dangers of drinking and driving.


​When the state passed an unconstitutional parental notification law I was a plaintiff on Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood et. al. which was unanimously won at the US Supreme Court and the decision was written by Sandra Day O’Connor.
I have had a rewarding career. I am now retired and with my experiences and my wisdom it is time to give back. Our country has many issues and our state is being profoundly effected. It is time to talk in a civil manner and solve our differences and to work for the people. I am not shy and will speak my mind and fight for you. I know we can bridge the divide and make all our lives richer.